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This morning we drive to the volcanic Lake of Tritriva. Local myths and taboos surround this mysterious lake which seems to have many guises, changing colour from one day to the next. We’ll take a short walk to the crater’s edge, where we can relax and take in the view. There will be a short amount of free time to walk further if you wish.

From here we’ll continue our journey to Ambositra in the afternoon, where we’ll visit some of the local wood-carver’s, who produce woodwork pieces depicting Malagasy life and detailed marquetry work which are both well known across the country for the fine standard of craftsmanship.

Tonight, we shall stay at a local development guest house, enjoy a traditional Malagasy meal and see a folk dance. Although the accommodation we use on this night stop is modest and of a lower standard than what is provided throughout the rest of the trip, by staying here we directly support an important base for the development of health projects, agriculture, water supply and the empowerment of women within the local community. Any school supplies you may like to donate such as notebooks and pencils would be very gratefully received and passed on to the local children. The accommodation is dormitory style, simple but clean, with shared facilities. Hot water is not available.