This dermoprotective liquid hand wash contains active principles that protect the skin from the most common contagions caused by fungi and bacteria. It is recommended for people with sensitive, reactive, and dry skin. It has a moisturizing and healthy effect due to its content of extra virgin olive oil, which adds vitamin E and natural antioxidants, and lanolin, which softens the skin, strengthens its protection, and prevents moisture loss.


How to Use: Pour the hand wash into wet hands and rub it on your palms, back, fingers, and nails for one minute. Rinse with plenty of water.



·        Kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria.

·        Moisturizes your skin.

·        Softens skin.

·        Extra virgin olive oil

·        Vitamin E and natural antioxidants

·        Everyday utilization of YUSERA keeps your hand clean and microbe free.

   Origin: YUSERA is a Spanish Brands.All raw materials are from Spain and Packaging done in Bangladesh.

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