Rangpur Chemical Limited 

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YUSERA focused on a healthy line of cosmetics with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, comes from the accumulated experience in the olive oil sector for more than 30 years and the know-how in the cosmetic sector of our other companies AOVE Lab Spain, S.L. and Andalusian Nature Lab, S.L", as a result of our research and testing we produce the cosmetics we showed at the BWME with this regard.

We have laboratories and cosmetic production centers in Badolatosa (Seville), Santa Fe (Granada) it is registered with the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products as a producer of cosmetics. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil we apply and the oil trees the former is extracted originate from Andalusia, Spain.

The particularity of the cosmetic and personal hygiene products manufactured by RCL under the brand "YUSERA" is that they all contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil or extracts from the olive tree, which are excellent sources of bioactive compounds such as phenolic compounds that have very important cosmetic properties.

All of our products are respectful with the environment, containing mild non-aggressive aromas and natural ingredients for the greatest protection and revitalization of the skin and hair. None of our products have been tested on animals.

Our line of Yusera products stands apart from the competition for its unique non-alkaline formulation, which reduces foaming. This characteristic is particularly noteworthy in light of the fact that products with higher alkalinity tend to produce more foam. By prioritizing non-alkaline formulations, we have created a line of products that is both natural and foam-free, which we believe sets us apart from many other products in the market.


Andalus, a brand that exclusively employs the finest ingredients from Spain, specializes in creating environmentally friendly cleaning products for households, offices, factories, vehicles and other purposes.

Our objective is to provide simple and sustainable solutions for cleaning that are comprised of natural and safe ingredients, which do not pose any threat to either human beings or the environment. We take pride in being the sole brand in Bangladesh that puts forth natural household products with the aim of promoting environmental and human health.

Andalus products are particularly noteworthy because they are free from hazardous chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, which are commonly found in most household products in Bangladesh, including dishwash, handwash and toilet cleaner. These chemicals, along with phenyl, can lead to fatal diseases in people over the long term.

At Andalus, we are committed to addressing these issues and providing safe and natural substitutes that promote a healthier and cleaner living environment.